Friday, August 13, 2010

30 ways in 30 days to celebrate turning 30

While stuck in London, I told Britt about my second planned trip to Africa this year for my 30th birthday. She then mentioned that one of her friends celebrated her 30th by holding an activity every day for the 30 days leading up to her birthday.  It was too brilliant of an idea not to emulate.  But instead of doing something the 30 days leading up to the big day, my version encompasses my birthday month: August (minus the last day, obviously, because there are 31 days this month - and I'm not that old yet).

The past 13 days have been event-filled: concerts, home decorating, cake eating, wadlopen (more on that later), being taken out to eat by an Aunt who was passing through, opening presents, receiving bags worth of American groceries, etc.  It's been a never ending extravaganza.  A major celebration.  And the next few days will be even better as I explore the wilds of Africa. 30 is going to be awesome!  (Unless I get eaten by a lion... that would probably ruin it).


Kristi said...

I wish I had done that! Maybe when I turn 31. 30 isn't so bad, but it isn't so good either. ;)

Sharon said...

You're sooooo wise to do everything you want to in this life! Too many people are paralyzed with the "have to's"...but that's not you!

BTW...30 is very young!

mike and jenn said...

Happy Birthday Claire! Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Jenny said...

How exciting and happy b-day. I celebrated 30 this year too. So strange, I just don't feel 30:) I can't wait to hear of your Africa travels. I used to dream of hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.