Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're going where?

- I'm going to Mali!
- Oh nice, I love Maui.
- No, no... not Maui, Mali.

- I leave on Friday for Mali... can't wait.
- Wow, world traveler! How long are you staying?
- Just one week.
- You're going all the way to Bali just for one week?
- Oh, no, not Bali... Mali - West Africa.

- You're going to Mali? You're not scared?
- Not one bit!  I'm counting down the days.
- Claire!  Haven't you seen Sahara??
- No, why?  Should I? 
- Well, probably not now.  But I think you're crazy for going.  Just be careful...

- I really don't know how I feel about your going to Mali, Claire.
- Mom, I'm going to be fine.
- Well, what about all the advisories warning people not to go?  I tell you what, I'll reimburse you half the price of your flight if you promise not to go.
- Thanks but no thanks, I'm not passing this up.
- But what if you're abducted and turned into a sex slave??
- Haha... one could only hope.

Small Market in Timbuktu, Mali


ReL said...

HAHAHA at your last comment to your mom! :-) Have a safe trip!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

Is the guy in the pic your boyfriend? How was Mali? I just realized I forgot to draw the skinny jeans! Do you still want it? I'm soooo sorry!

Kristi said...

ha love your mom!