Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tour in snapshots

Mohamed, Mohamed and Mohamed's masterful skills of guiding us through the city and providing such extensive historical background (thanks to English speaking Mohamed), made the hours fly by.

First snapshot:
They led us through the small market, a location that brought an Indiana Jones movie to life.  We walked down  a cramped aisle way, where on either side of us sat women surrounded by fruits, vegetables and shea butter; the sun streaming through the holes of canvas linens patched together to form a make-shift roof.

Second snapshot:
We followed them down the streets, past the local schools and cemetery located in the distance, to see the two other mud mosques located in the city.  Fun fact:  the wood poking out of the walls are not actually for aesthetic appeal; they're more of a built in scaffolding, since the mud structure needs regular maintenance.

Third snapshot:
Walking down one road, they explained the love of cat among children... the love of eating cat that is.  Many cat carcasses are hung to dry after the meat is eaten. Yum?

Fourth snapshot:
We visited the homes of Gordan Laing and Rene Caille. A few minutes later, English speaking Mohamed explained that in the time of those explorers, women were not allowed in the streets and instead spent their lives inside their homes, with their only contact of the outside world being through the upstairs windows.

Final snapshot:
To end our time together, since we had more activities on our plate, the Mohameds took us to the large market. Upon seeing it we agreed with them that bigger is not necessarily better since we enjoyed the small market far more.

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