Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three years and counting

March marked another year living in Amsterdam, but I was too busy talking about Mali to properly commemorate the occasion until now.  But even though I'm nearly two months late in celebrating publicly, I just want to make it clear, that a 3 year anniversary is no small feat in my life.  As someone with gypsy blood, living in one place for 2 full years is a big deal, but 3... 3 is momentous.  I haven't done something like that since 1998 - 13 years ago.

Sticking around for another year was great, even with its downfalls like the failed attempt to Morocco.  Instead that led to an entirely different adventure.

The year even included my first trip back to the United States, which I had vowed I wouldn't do for a few more years down the line.  Thankfully I only needed to take one day off of work, which allowed me to enjoy food, friends and family even more.

A few months into the year I celebrated team Orange in the World Cup like I had lived here all my life... and mourned their loss in the same fashion.

There were days of picnicking in the park while watching concerts near Cambridge.

Crazy impulses led to walking knee deep in mud for 10 miles to reach a nearby island.

When August rolled around, I celebrated my milestone birthday in style - heading to Africa for the first time for a luxury safari.

There was also the continued discovery of hot to-do items in Holland, such as the tree lighting ceremony in Gouda.

I played the good daughter over Christmas, and placated my mother in her desires to go skiing even though I'm opposed to the sport.

But to end the year with a bang I had to do something stupendous... something that not very many people do, and that something was to go to Timbuktu and back.

And with having accomplished all those things, I say breaking my 13 year streak was more than worth it.

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