Friday, July 29, 2011

Where would you choose?

Tel Aviv Bauhaus architecture  photo credit
My mom and I tend to play a game while on vacation, which we initiated three years ago during the "Mommy and Me" trip we took. Since then, 'I could live here!' (guess how the game works) has provided hours of conversation material.

When we reached Tel Aviv, I declared it on the spot.  "Man!  I could totally live here," I exclaim to my mother.  The city is vibrant; a Miami meets LA atmosphere.  Palm trees line the waterfront and city streets. Its Bauhaus architecture had me waiting for Don Johnson, wearing a white blazer over his pink T-shirt, to appear at any moment.  There's hardly a soul that isn't between the ages of 20-40.  Well built men in wife beaters and Bermuda shorts work out on the beachfront gym equipment, as women with perfect bodies run past them on the beach's walking path.  Natural food and specialty grocery stores are hidden around every corner. Frozen yogurt shops (with all you can choose toppings) grace every city block. There's shopping and restaurants galore. I was wide eyed in amazement. My heart even skipped a beat when, due to a confused taxi driver, we drove past a Max Brenner's Chocolate Shop.  I demanded we eat there, which we did.  Twice.  In the evenings, the city is abuzz with beautiful people making their way to the best clubs, or to their late night dinner reservation. It felt as though we were in a whole new country, thousands of miles away from the Israel we had experienced up to that point.

"I don't know," my mom replied, "I think I'd rather live in Jerusalem."

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