Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Country Drive

At the airport car rental desk in Cork, a representative asked me if I wanted insurance.  I never take added insurance.  Not even the previous time I had driven on the left side of the road.  I find the added cost to be a waste of money. But this time I hesitated. As I lowered my gaze to go through my mental files, I realized the last time I had driven was in December... 2010.  I looked back up, smiled weakly and doled out the extra cash- for peace of mind, since it didn't pay for anything else.

The extra protected, ugly, little Nissan Micra leisurely transported me along Ireland's Southwestern coast. Together the electric-blue vehicle with its alien-eyed headlights and I drove through fisherman villages comprised of brightly colored buildings, down numerous curving one lane (two direction) roads, past rolling fields boasting multiple hues of green, and across gems so great they were worth stopping for in order to absorb the view for that much longer.

kite surfing at Old Head Peninsula
Timoleague Friary. Built in the 1300's, burned down in 1642. 
post fire, the Friary has been used as a cemetery
beacon in Baltimore

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Matt said...

You have some very nice photos!...I appoligise for not reading!..Its 3 am and my eyes are getting tired