Thursday, July 19, 2012

In search of Brad Pitt.

The French Riviera was all abuzz. Not just because of the 65 annual Cannes Film Festival, but the Brad Pitt was there... alone. (Queue the high pitched screeches and fainting women). Since I wouldn't have to compete with Angelina, I flew down to ask him out for drinks. Because, really, why would he say no?

With friends who had first hand knowledge of the area, having moved there a few month's prior, I knew I couldn't fail. So our search began.

We scoured Cannes.

Walked up and down the Nice coastline.

Looked around every corner in Antibes.

Climbed the highest mountain.

Traveled down to the lowest valley.

And we even border-crossed into Monaco.

But he stealthy evaded my invitation by steering clear of me all together. Obviously it was his loss, right?


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Humphrey said...

Yes, you are totally right! I said the same to other day to Scarlett Johansson ... ;)