Tuesday, July 24, 2012

non-commissioned travel agent

As tradition dictates, my mother and I were overdue for our annual holiday adventure. Included in the custom is the not-so-anticipated pre-planning. In normal circumstances, planning for a vacation is a reasonably enjoyable undertaking. Holiday planning when paired with my mother, however, (bless her heart) isn't always so.

Thankfully, after the two weeks it took us to decide on which countries to visit - having narrowed down the list of ones neither of us have been to, she let me take control.  Sort of...

"We are going horse back riding, right?"
"Oooh, can we go white water rafting too?"
"Do the beds look comfortable?"
"We can't go there without visiting..."
"Why don't you see if..."
"Well, it's up to you Claire. You're the one planning it after all."

She should have stopped with "why don't you see if...", since she told my brother upon our return: "We saw about a hundred churches. I was traveling with Claire after all."

Yes, there really is a benefit to being placed 'in charge' of holiday planning!

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