Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morocco, Take Two

In 2010 I had planned a week long holiday in Morocco. Instead that week long holiday was spent in England, thanks to an Icelandic volcano that could care less about my feelings.

Over time, Morocco lost a bit of its appeal as I'd venture into equally, if not more, exotic locations. And there it remained, continually pushed aside for more enticing options. That is, until Natalie and Travis asked if I wanted to join them for a Moroccan adventure. Because, who am I to pass up a warm weather retreat in the dead of winter with great friends?

The added bonus being that they hadn't been tainted with Jordan, Israel, Mali, Zanzibar and the likes. They saw things with fresh eyes, allowing me to catch glimpses of that through them - along with being awed once or twice without the need of a surrogate.

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