Sunday, March 3, 2013

the streets of Marrakech

"Be careful in the big medina. Vendors are known to throw snakes on the shoulders of tourists and then demand money for 'borrowing' them. Oh... same goes for women giving henna tattoos. Don't let any of them grab your arm and start drawing. They'll ask for $100 when they're done," a colleague informed me days before I left. Thankfully I was spared the experience.

For years I had dreamt about walking around Marrakech. Watching the snake charmers, smelling the spices, losing my way in the souks, and eating at the famous night market. But I had also dreamt of a city that was a bit more quaint and much less abrasive. The charm I thought I'd feel wasn't there. At least not on the streets I walked down.

Most people were as kind as could be. But the city appeared to be built for tourism. I yearned for a local atmosphere. Alas, as we learned, one day's visit didn't allow time for such exploration. I'm sure it's there somewhere, just not anywhere near the big medina.

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Patti said...

That's too bad that it was more touristy than having a local feel, but the food still looks fabulous.