Wednesday, July 17, 2013

family hi-story

Growing up, my mom spoke of her German relatives and how she'd spend summers visiting them in Bremen. However, new stories were never added upon the old.

I had often wondered of those cousins, and the aunt my mom held so dear.  Knowing her not-so-great ability to keep in contact with people, though, it was easy to determine where the disconnect came.

Then, a few years into living in Amsterdam I received an email from her cousin Yvonne introducing herself to me and asking for my mom's contact information. We built up a nice correspondence, which included her brother Christoph too. But my mom's not-so-great ability to keep in contact stayed in tact - despite my admonishments.

That is, until I coordinated a (re)union with them for the benefit of my mom... and myself.

It was a great weekend meet-up. One where old stories were expounded upon and new ones were made. And I couldn't have asked for anything better than that.

Town Musicians 
underground restaurant
private rooms in underground restaurant, where my great-grandfather set up meetings with his sons to discuss business
Roland statue : protector of the city
City Hall

tidbit from Sabine, Christoph's wife: inside every cathedral is a mouse.

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Patti said...

Good for you, connecting with family! And in a historically significant place, family history speaking.