Thursday, July 4, 2013

a small detour

"Where are all the good looking men?," Sofia asked as we walked down the streets of Paris. "Maybe, just maybe, I've seen ONE the entire week."

"I know," Anna chimed in, "when I was living in London you would see at least 9 hot guys every day... even if you never left your house!"

I'll tell you where the good looking guys were. They were all on the RyanAir bus with me, a few days after that conversation, heading to the airport to catch their flights home to Spain.  I was clearly taking the correct route back to Germany.

My mom had a 3 day weekend which coincided with the time I was planning to make another "extended layover". She and a friend had plans to pick me up in Paris before continuing on to Normandy. But with uncooperative weather (rain), they instead decided to turn south and requested I join them there instead.

Clearly I obliged.

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Patti said...

Excellent! And I LOVED your Paris pictures. Magnifique!