Monday, September 9, 2013

Mambo Italiano

My plan was to leave Europe at the beginning of the summer. Figuring the amount of time I've lived there, I wanted to start exploring Asia early.

But when my mom interjects, plans are usually foiled.

"Why are you leaving before the summer is over? Europe in the summer is the best," she would say.

As I would explain my position, she would eloquently respond, "Yeah, but... yeah, but..." or try laying on the guilt with "Don't you love your mother? Don't you want to spend more time with her?"

I'd be on my guard by that point, as you must be to fight off the fiery darts of manipulation. But I just wasn't ready for what she spewed out next...

"Hey Claire, do you want to go to the Andrea Bocelli concert in Tuscany with me?"

She had done the research. She knew the date, the cheap flight, and was able to get the time off. And she knew I wanted to see him at his open air concert in Tuscany for a few years, although never made it a priority. This time I had no reason not to.

So I stayed a few weeks longer, and made my way to Italy.

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Patti said...

Oh dear. Now you've done it. Andrea Bocelli and Tuscany. I'm moving from armchair enthusiast to just a tad jealous. *sigh*