Tuesday, October 15, 2013

final farewells

I knew I would be leaving Europe. As soon as I knew I'd get a leave package from work, it was in the plans. But when it came time to press the purchase button for my flight to the Philippines, my fingers wouldn't move. I sat at the table in front of my laptop for a few minutes, my heart sinking to my stomach.

I'd be leaving Europe, with no projected date to return. And when I would return, would it only be as a tourist instead of a resident? As exciting as the prospects of continued world travel was, leaving Europe gave finality to a life no longer led in Amsterdam.

But my finger finally fell heavy. The ticket was purchased. And I then left the continent that felt like home.


amsterdam, netherlands

gruyere, switzerland

zaanse schans, netherlands

rome, italy

venice, italy

rothenburg ob der tauber, Germane

amsterdam, netherlands

santorini, greece

lisbon, portugal

gent, belgium

flam, norway


neuschwanstein, germany

krakow, poland

london, england

edinburgh, scotland

madeira, portugal

stonehenge, england

paris, france

split, croatia

paris, france

stockholm, sweden

tallinn, estonia

budapest, hungary

mostar, bosnia

lake bled, slovenia


Amy said...

Gah!!! You're killing me Claire. Your blog makes me think I want to travel again........

In other news, I'm settling in to NYC life. It's a lot different than anywhere else I've been for the past year.

Also, your photos are gorgeous.

Also, you are, too.

Also, come visit NYC!

Patti said...

Oh the places you've been! Thanks for letting me go with you. I loved - LOVED - the picture of the bike, the book and the boat. What a fun recap of amazing places in Europe with your fabulous photos!