Thursday, October 31, 2013

little island paradise

At the northern most tip of Palawan, the western most Philippine island, is the tiny little village of El Nido. Set amongst limestone cliffs and beautiful inlets, it could be considered a sleepy town if it weren't for the influx of tourists.

It's a location so unique to the rest of the country, the bumpy 5-6 hour bus ride to reach it is more than welcomed.  For once you arrive, along with absorbing the laid-back atmosphere, there are multiple island hopping tours offered. And it's the tours that are the main reason for visiting.

The tours are categorized from A-D, the most popular being A and C. Sadly, due to a lack of time with only 3 days in the village and rainy weather, I was only able to choose one.

So I chose the first tour on the list which has been made famous by the latest Bourne movie, the last 10 minutes of which were shot above a small lagoon included in the tour.

To reach the small lagoon, you take a local fisherman's boat on a 30 minute ride which docks on the water near the lagoon. Hopping out of the boat you swim the crystal clear waters through a little archway opening which enters into the limestone cliff encircled lagoon. To call it magical would be an understatement.

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