Monday, June 30, 2008

Bored at work.

I currently work as a Network Engineer... but get paid to be a travel agent. Work has been a bit slow this week. So, I've started planning my three week vacation I'll soon be taking with my mom. Today I've narrowed down the cities we'll be visiting. Tomorrow I will start looking at places to sleep, whether it be a hostel, B&B, or hotel. Then after the go-ahead from the 'Mother Figure' in regards to the days I've chosen for each location, I'll start booking the rooms. Needless to say, planning my vacation has kept me pleasantly occupied. So, I've decided to share my tentative travel schedule with the internet world.

day and location of our 3 week adventure:

1- mom arrives/Amsterdam
2- Paris (my birthday)
3- Rotenberg, Germany
4 - another city in Black Forest (Germany)
5 - Interlaken, Switzerland
6- Interlaken, Switzerland
(overnight train...)
7- Cinque Terre, Italy (Italian Riviera)
8- Tuscany
9 - Florence
10 - Rome (mom's birthday)
11- Rome
12- Venice
13- Venice
14- Vienna, Austria
15- Vienna, Austria
16- Prague
17- Prague
(overnight to ...)
18- Berlin
19- Berlin
20- Bremen
21- Bremen
22- Amsterdam
23- mom leaves

The other travel times from one location to another (besides the times I stated overnight train) are too short for overnight trips, so we'll be taking the early morning trains. It may seem like a lot of places in a short amount of time... and I'd have to agree. Thankfully I'll have a weekend to recover before heading back to work (which will again consist of sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours doing absolutely nothing). At least I'll be keeping myself occupied until then.


Joshua said...

What a trip! Rotenberg is a great little town, but so is the entire Black Forest. The food is amazing. Just thinking about the Black Forest cherry cake still makes my mouth water. (I need to get back there...)

Jill McAuley said...

I'm so jealous! What a fun trip and to have your mom there with you will be the best. Throughout your trip will you keep an eye out for how wheelchair friendly everything is? From trains to museums to hotels etc. I really want to travel someday but I need more information on where I can go to. I look forward to seeing pictures!

Shannon said...

That sounds like a blast. I have heard Istanbul is beautiful if you get a chance to go. I had a friend do a 6 week vacation in Europe and her favorite was Istanbul.
I'm so excited for you!!!