Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dutch country pride

We are now in the beginning of Euro 2008 football (soccer) championship games. For an American understanding, the Euro is bigger than the Super Bowl, or NBA finals ...if you're into that instead.

Before the games began there were people walking around in hilarious orange outfits. Stores began selling orange t-shirts, banners, flags, and any other orange object they could come up with. The country was definitely gearing up.

The last time the Netherlands won the championship was in 1988. I was told the whole country was orange in celebration of it all. Houseboats started sinking as hoards of people jumped onto them while a boat carrying the country's team floated by, after they had returned home from the big win. There was non-stop cheering and celebrating the team and country. It was an event greater than Queen's day.
Monday night they played against Italy. It was the first match in the finals for the Netherlands. I wasn't watching the game, but I know the approximate time of each goal made, thanks to the cheering I heard in surround sound. And I knew we won when a party broke out on the streets at 11:30 that night.
I was greeted by people in extremely happy moods when I got to the office on Tuesday... last thing on their minds was work. Some hadn't slept due to the evening celebrations that lasted until dawn. Today there was a cake with orange frosting for all of us in the break room, as a result of a bet between an Italian fan and a Dutch fan on our floor. Obviously the Italian fan lost.
So, if this is a prototype of how things will be if we win the championship on the 20 year anniversary since the last win... I'm definitely going make sure I'm in town.


ReL said...

It is a genuine shame that our country doesn't get more into celebrating like foreigners do. I would love to see some red white and blue cupcakes if we won a sporting event or like the olympics or something.

Marci said...

Danny is jealous! He LOVES soccer growing up with a German dad. He watches it and I know everytime a goal is scored because I hear GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL from the other room!