Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No one is exempt!

Due to the fact that I was a part time Dutch resident last year, I have until July 1 to complete my taxes. I received a 30 page tax form in the mail with 91 page instruction book to accompany the form. Both are in Dutch.

Knowing that it's a bit more complicated than my rudimentary proficiency in the Dutch language, I requested the assistance of a colleague for translation purposes. We had gone through the first 30 questions with relative ease, but on question 31 my colleague felt it would be better to check the tax website for a direct translation.

As he was searching for the correct documentation, he reached a link that showed two columns. One provided a series of documentations for individuals and the other for businesses. Under the business column there was tax documentation for prostitution.

Enough said.


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I guess they have all their bases covered. :)