Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I love living in Europe, reason #572

The Work Environment.

One of my colleagues and I have been at war for the past few weeks. War of the window blinds that is. He likes them shut; I... don't. Granted he does sit by the window and there is a glare on his screen due to the sun, but I don't particularly like the feeling of working in a dungeon.

A few weeks ago, in the afternoon when the sun wasn't so strong, I requested my colleague to open the blinds. He replied with a twinkle in his eye, "Come open them yourself." So I grabbed my crutches and hobbled over to the window near his desk and opened the blinds. When I was half way back to my desk he stood up and closed them again. Everyone laughed, me included, but I stomped (as well as I could manage with crutches) back over to the window and opened the blinds again. The blinds stayed open that time... until I sat back down at my desk.

After he left I walked back over to his desk and while opening the blinds again told my manager that I have half a mind to take down the blinds all together. He laughed and said, "That'd be funny. Just make sure you do that when I'm here."

The war has continued over the last few weeks. But today I decided to take a stand. This morning I heard my colleague close the blinds. I turned around and threw a childish glare at him. He responded by childishly sticking his tongue out at me. That proved that the childish route failed. It was then that I realized, being the mature 28 year old adult that I am, that I need to do what any other mature grown up would do... retaliate. So, during lunch while both my manager and colleague had gone down to grab food, I took down the blinds.

A few other colleagues said I was a goner. They suggested I make my last requests and told me it was nice working with me. But they laughed right along with me the entire time. And that's exactly what both my manager and colleague did when they arrived back into the office.

Ah, there's nothing better than having fun to relieve the stress of work!


Ader Family said...

Oh man! That's awesome!
It's great having a work environment that's actually fun.

ReL said...

See now THAT is awesome! If we tried to do something like that here the boss would get all red in the face and say "no horseplay" because well, it's lame here LOL!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

That's hilarious!!