Friday, May 29, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

Lisbon is located at the mouth of the Tejo River, so it has amazing water views from any of the the million and one hills in the city. The hills themselves were such blessed sights to behold, and were definitely a welcomed treat. Oh! how it allowed us to work some muscles that, for me, have been on hiatus since arriving in the Netherlands. And our room, which was in what's considered a B&B (without the breakfast), was located on the most famous hill- the Barro Alto.

Now, before I go on I have to admit I had a hard time remembering the fact I was in Lisbon. It was so easy to feel like we were climbing the hills of San Francisco, with it's cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Or, that we were across the water from Pao de Acucar looking at the Christus in Rio de Janeiro. Or even that we were strolling the streets of Jerusalem while inside the Sao Jorge Castle walls. To be quite honest, I'd often stop and exclaim "this is totally tripping me out!"

We spent the first afternoon relaxing at the look-out points, walking the streets/hiking the hills of Lisbon, and discovering the multiple views of the city from the castle walls. We were actually amazed at how much we had seen in just a few short hours. The city is absolutely beautiful and completely charming.

Tile work graces almost every building and the rest of the city is painted in vibrant, albeit chipping, colors. Guitarist serenade you where ever you are, old men play cards under shaded trees, and it takes every ounce of willpower imaginable to not eat your way though the city - because the food is just THAT GOOD.

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