Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stroke... stroke!

I recently read that 95 percent of all Dutch children have a swimming certificate by the time they leave primary school. The other 5 percent are of ethnic minorities who's cultures don't place a priority on swimming as an upbringing. Upon asking a colleague if his children have their certificate yet, he responded, "Well, of course. They're required to have it by 8 years old. This is Holland after all." True, this is Holland... we're surrounded by water.

Not only are we surrounded by water, but without the dikes we'd be under it. No wonder nearly the entire Dutch population knows how to swim. If, by any chance, the dikes broke the country would go from looking like this: to this:Swimming master or not, maybe adding a life preserver to the first aid kit would be a good idea, since no one can tread water forever.

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