Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful Copen-sumthin’

Over the weekend I came to discover that Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales were not at all like the "happily ever after" versions Disney dreamed up. The Little Mermaid kills herself, Thumbelina is told by her husband that her name is ugly so he changes it to one he feels is suitable, the Emperor was made a laughing stock because he was scammed by the makers of his "new suit" - thus walked about in the nude, and the Little Matchstick Girl freezes to death on New Years Eve.

No wonder Denmark is ranked #1 in suicide rates among children!

(above remark is a joke, not an actual fact)

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ReL said...

Hey I used to have a picture of that! :-) My mom has a book of all of Hans Christian Anderson's Fair Tales and yeah they're a bit off.