Monday, February 15, 2010

"Before we get too old"

As Tim and I were on the Waterloo Bridge waiting for the New Years countdown, we met an older British couple.  We started chatting with them, enjoying their deeply British accent and company - as it distracted us from the bitter cold. At one point I mentioned that I live in Amsterdam.  They both chimed in, "Oh, we've been there recently.  Loved it."  I couldn't help but agree.  The wife stated, "We had thought about doing a canabis tour before we get too old."  Our eyes widened at that moment while looking at the retired couple.  She continued, "but then we thought, 'what will our children think of us?' and decided against it."  The husband then added, "Yes, then some of our friends had a lollipop and ended up quite loopy.  Sure did make us glad we decided against it." 

We were left with a loss of words, because all we wanted to do was laugh.

editors note: Writing about these experiences probably doesn't help negate the preconceived notions about Amsterdam. Honestly, though, it's so much more than drugs and prostitution.

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