Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ramblings from a bonafide 'foodie'

Would it surprise you if I said I have a favorite food website?   It was on that site I found out about "Books for Cooks", a bookstore dedicated to cookbooks. And if that wasn't wonderful enough, they have a test kitchen in the back where they sell a 2-3 course lunch based on recipes from the books that adorn their walls.  I yearned to go there ever since. The only problem was that it is located in Notting Hill, which meant my yearning desire had to wait until I made my way to London.  

Needless to say, that left me with months worth of anticipation... anticipation which turned to giddiness as the day to visit the cookbook store of all cookbook stores approached.

On a beautiful, yet crisp, winter morning in London, as the sun hung brightly in the sky, we entered the cab which (nearly) took us to the doorstep of the red trimmed building.  Outside was a whirlwind of movement as people walked up and down the Portobello Road street market.  The air was full of energy, the colors were vibrant, the sounds of gaiety filled our ears - and we hadn't even stepped inside the store yet.

Upon entering we were filled with old world charm. The walls were lined with books from floor to ceiling.  The size of the store was small, yet cozy, and only allowed enough room for a plush sofa to be placed in the center of the floor. We perused the store while the clock ticked towards lunchtime in order to eat a soup that sounded better than it actually tasted.  But we did leave happy, each with one extra book to grace our own shelves at home. It truly was an idyllic late Saturday morning activity. 

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