Friday, February 19, 2010

Neverending winter

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone here who doesn't complain about the rain, me included - normally. But I have nothing but praise for the rains that have begun falling recently, because it means one thing: it's too warm to snow!

Ask any Dutch person and they'll tell you that winter is generally mild, with 2-3 weeks of bitter cold weather.  Not this year though. This year we've broken a record. A record which I truly wish would have waited a few more years down the road.  I've never liked the extreme cold.  I've never liked the snow.  Stick me in a place where cold and snow are combined for an extended period of time, I'll start wondering what I did wrong - because there would have to be some reason why I was placed in my own version of hell.  That, dear friends, is what this winter has been.

Gratefully, months before, I had planned for a 5 day winter escape.  Was it inspiration?  Luck?  Sheer brilliance on my part?   I don't know.  All that matters is that the last weekend of January I left the dead of winter to enjoy it's antithesis:  Paradise.


ReL said...

Where is this? It's pretty.

kelley said...

Lucky! I haven't been warm in 3 months. We have felt the same way here in NC. Even if you were back here, you'd be hatin life too.