Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oranje Homecoming

Reason number ... shoot, there are too many to count... why I love the Dutch is their resilience.  They may have walked away from Sunday's game depressed and down trodden, but you wouldn't have known it if you saw them Tuesday.

Usually, I work until 6pm on Tuesdays, but a last minute request from my colleague to switch schedules had me leaving at 3:30pm - which I was more than happy to comply with.  But I was greeted by more than just the simple pleasure of leaving early.  I was able to join the celebration to cheer on the nations football team who had just returned from ranking 2nd in the world.
As soon as the team arrived in Holland, they were welcomed by the Queen in Den Haag.  They were then transported by helicopter to an "undisclosed location in Amsterdam" to see their families for the first time since the World Cup games began.
But what had multiple planes flying welcome and thank you banners along with the Dutch dressed in orange and lining the canals, was a boat parade carrying the team to Museumplein, which was just as full this time as it was during the final game.  And it was thanks to my colleague and the last minute swap that I was able to see the parade myself.

(And by see, I mean:  I was able to watch the parade only after recording it- since my camera became my eyes, held high over the heads of a crowd of people).

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