Friday, July 9, 2010


It's probably not surprising to note that family reunions don't come often in my family. Not when my mom lives in Germany, I live in Holland, and the rest of my immediate family is spread out across the (now) continental United States.  But that's just my immediate family.  We're not the exception in my extended family.  They're just as spread out (within the US).  So it takes something big to get everyone together in one place, at the same time.
This time around, that 'something big' was my cousin's wedding.  Which, by the way, was stunning.
The only problem about returning to the States is that I can count on one hand the number of pictures I took while there.  Thankfully my cousin had an amazing photographer. Now the memories of my weekend trip to Kansas City (and my main purpose in heading back to the States), were captured in a far better quality than I could have produced for myself.  That and the fact that I can steal glances at her pictures any time I'd like to remind myself of the great time I with relatives I see so rarely. 
 It's just a shame her photographer didn't take pictures of all three activity filled days.

last 3 photographs courtesy of Lindsay Pierce

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