Monday, March 10, 2008

Viva la…. Zeewolde

On Friday I went half way across the country (which took less than an hour) to the city of Rijswijk. And I got to see my FIRST, second, third, fourth, fifth... and so on, windmill. Most buildings, especially in the center of Amsterdam, date back to the late 1700-early 1800’s, including the windmills. They’re quite neat… unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures since it was cloudy and rainy out and the picture wouldn’t have turned out well.

My manager pointed out a building, along the way to Rijswijk, where they have… get this… indoor skiing. Holland is such a flat country they need to have manmade indoor mountains to ski down. I love it!

On Saturday, Olof had a few friends come over, one was a vegetarian, so I made some meatless meals, and their friends did too. We had so much food I thought I was going to explode. We didn’t make half the things we were planning on either. Although I’m without a place to call my own, I’m definitely not left wanting.

So…salsa dancing is becoming THE craze in Holland. And the tiny town of Zeewolde (where I’m staying for the time being) is feeling the heat. After dinner we went to an old theatre converted into a club and listened to some salsa music and danced… a bit. I don’t have very good rhythm, and I make a fool of myself when I’m on the dance floor, so I save people the pain of watching me and instead I stay sedentary. But it was fun watching everyone dance.


ReL said...

YAY! It sounds like even though you're not in your own place you're living it up and wasting no time having a blast! I just love hearing how you're doing and I'm so glad God blessed you with such a fabulous opportunity!

Marco & Meredith said...

Hey!! that's so exciting that you're over there! If you get the chance to go to aalsmeer you should check out the flower market they have there (apparently it's one of the worlds largest)... pretty cool! I hope you're having a blast!