Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let there be light!

I'm not hard to's the simple miracles that make me happy.

Since the first of April when I moved into my apartment until this week we have had no working lights in the hall. It was a bigger issue than just changing the light bulbs or flipping a switch on the circuit breaker. There was a wiring issue. Since the issue required an electrician along with a large sum of money, it took a while for the two other apartment owners along with my landlord to find a good deal to fix it.
For the past three months, the stairwell leading to my apartment has been dark. I'd use the dim glow of my cell phone to light my way as I'd stumble up the stairs. (Note: normal stairs in the Netherlands are slightly steeper than those you'd find in the US).
Once I arrived at the top I'd use the small light, which I had purchased the day I moved in and attached to the door frame, in order to see where the keyholes are. If I had friends visiting I'd make my way up first and turn on the small wall light so that they could somewhat see where they should place their feet on the stairs.

Then this week, just like magic, the lights worked. I would have never known (because I had stopped testing the lights) had my neighbors not been walking in the same time I was. Their 4 year old sounded more excited than I was when he saw the stairwell lit up.
It was amazing to really see my hall/entryway for the first time. Although the main thing I noticed is that it needs a good floor sweeping. ...That's something you just don't see well in the dark.

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Courtney said...

Those really are some steep stairs!