Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tuppence a bag

Pigeons. The most common bird in any big city. The bag lady fed them on Mary Poppins and it’s Bert (from Sesame Street's) favorite animal.

To me, those facts just aren't enough to justify a parent letting their baby crawl amongst the (and I quote my mother) "disease infested animals." In all actuality they may not hold a single disease, but I was brought up to think otherwise.
In the Dam, a huge square where the Queen's Palace is located, pigeons congregate in the thousands. There is also a large tourist population there at any given time of the day. Why they roam among the birds and allow their children to handle them is beyond me. But I wouldn't pass up a good Kodak moment.
As for me, the only interaction I ever have with the pigeons around here is trying to dodge them while on my bike, since they love to walk on the bike paths. … and that is how I'll leave our relationship.

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